Wairify One Black in Office Umgebung mit Red Dot Award Logos
Wairify One Black mit Red Dot Award Logos
Wairify One Blue in Design Umgebung mit Red Dot Award Logos
Wairify One Blue mit Red Dot Award Logos
Wairify One Ocean in sportlicher Umgebung mit Red Dot Award Logos
Wairify One Ocean mit Red Dot Award Logos
Fünf Wairify One in verschiedenen Farben nebeneinander

Red Dot "Best of the Best"
Innovative products

The Wairify One not only received the Red Dot Award for Product Design in the "Heating and Air Conditioning Technology" category, but also the award for "Best of the Best" in the top category "Innovative Products". Best of the Best" is the highest award of the competition and is awarded for pioneering design and functionality.

and beautiful

Most air purifiers seem like technical foreign bodies in living spaces. The Wairify One is completely different: It integrates seamlessly into the living and working atmosphere thanks to the organic and reduced design language in combination with the selected housing material. A high-tech hydroplasma does its work under the outstanding design housing - yet the device looks more like a piece of furniture. The housing of the Wairify One consists of light but very robust particle foam (EPP = expanded polypropylene) and is therefore 96% air. The surface, textured using laser technology, looks and feels like upholstered fabric, is also resource-saving and 100% recyclable. Depending on the version, up to 15% recycled material from fishing industry waste is used. The plastic used is recycled before it can litter the oceans. In this way, Wairify makes a contribution to preventing the pollution of our seas.

Form and function in perfect harmony

Wairify One Blue in Design Umgebung

Air purifiers are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the learning, working and living environment. Therefore, an air purifier must fit harmoniously into each of these environments. Wairify has become such a product that people like to have around.

Wairify One Black in Office Umgebung

Red Dot Award 2021

Wairify Home

As early as 2021, Wairify was able to convince with the design concept for the Wairify Home. For Wairify designer Arman Emami, owner of Emamidesign, it was important to give the air purification system an appearance that also blends harmoniously into the home environment. At the same time, the design is designed to optimally support the functionality of the device working with plasma technology.

The basic geometric shape of the Wairify, with its body made of anodized, matt aluminum with a two-fold, axisymmetric waist, is characterized by the physical requirements of the underlying plasma technology, which requires precise airflow control. The ventilation slits in the waist and the spatially deformed and radially running air outlet slits on the top of the device support air flow from bottom to top. The design follows the functionality of the air purification system, but at the same time has a high degree of independence by combining mathematical regularity with a soft design language that evokes associations with a coral.

Wairify Home von oben mit Red Dot Award Logo "Winner 2021"

Wairify improves the world's most valuable resource...


Filterless and sustainable

Award-winning design

Wairify Home von oben

Best air purification