Next generation air purifier with patented catalytic ozone and formaldehyde destruction technology

The new generation of air purification​

The Wairify One is the first product with the patented Wairify technology. The innovative air purification process is inspired by nature and works with maximum efficiency. It is environmentally friendly and at the same time cost-saving. The timelessly beautiful housing is highly functional and robust at the same time.

Elimination and neutralisation

  • Air purification
  • Air sterilization ​
  • Odor elimination
  • Elimination of ozone, nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde

Champion of all classes

The filterless Wairify technology is a quantum leap in air purification. This is shown by a comparison with performance characteristics of conventional air filter and air purification technologies on the market.

Powerful down to the nano range

Viruses become harmless

A virus separation of 99.9993% could already be demonstrated in the laboratory with the first prototype. The viruses were rendered permanently harmless.
Virus separation detected

Filter change costs

0 Euros
100% of the energy is used for the cleaning performance. No filter = no filter resistance = less power consumption than HEPA filters = no follow-up costs for filter changes. Wairify consistently delivers the same cleaning performance and amount of clear air.
No additional costs

The sensor technology registers

Wairify features the latest sensor technology. Among other things, Wairify records CO2, humidity, oxygen content and temperature. The air parameters are visible via simple color icons in a status display and the Wairify APP.
Humidity, temperature, particle concentration and pollutants

The patented Wairify technology

From the engine compartment to the living space

Since 2011, the Hessian
Woco Group has developed and perfected a new plasma-based technology for particle separation. The evolution of this technology from automotive to air purification applications has led to the filterless Wairify technology. When the air turned out to be one of the transmission paths in the course of the Covid pandemic, this was the impetus for the Woco development engineers to have the Wairify technology for use in breathing air purification tested by an independent party.

Plasma technology inspired by nature

  1. Room air is sucked in
  2. Charged particles are expelled, causing many small particles such as dust or aerosols to conglomerate into a few large ones. These particles trapped in the room are filtered in the device.
  3. Clean air is blown into the room.

Inner life

  1. Viruses and bacteria are inactivated in a plasma field and particles such as dust or aerosols are deposited on the gel electrode (5), where they remain.
  2. Contaminants from the air are collected on the counter electrode. They remain there until they are cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.
  3. The appliance reduces the ozone concentration in the room by catalysing it. Ozone is generated in the plasma field - the appliance also reduces the ozone concentration (important on summer days, for example). In addition, the concentrations of nitrogen oxides are reduced by absorption. Formaldehydes, which are emitted from furniture or other household items, for example, are also catalytically broken down. All without consuming additional energy and without the need to replace components.

Plug & Air

Easy set up

The device is put into operation at the touch of a button. With a selection button, the Wairify app can connect the device to the digital services. The connection is made via W-LAN and is configured automatically.


The interaction of W-LAN, Bluetooth and sensors continuously measures the exact status of particles (PM2.5), emissions (tVOC), temperature (°C) and humidity (%RH). As a result, the power consumption of Wairify is demand-oriented. The LED traffic light shows the status of the air quality at a glance.

IOT - Mesh grid

Wairify works in a mesh network. The device can also communicate with other smart home devices in the basement or in hard-to-reach places via an intelligent circuit board. Special frequencies reach the next hot spot even through thick walls.

Wairify One

Delivery autumn 2024

The Wairify One is the first product to use patented Wairify technology. Learn more about the product specifications and be among the first to use Wairify.