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Red Dot Award Logo "Best Innovative Product 2022"

Red Dot Awards 2022

Wairify has again been awarded the Red Dot Award, one of the most prestigious design prizes, and even wins Best of the Best in the premium category "Innovative Products". The agency EMAMIDESIGN from Berlin is responsible for the product design.

Wairify One

Fünf Wairify One in verschiedenen Farben nebeneinander

The new generation of air purification​

The Wairify One is the first product with the patented Wairify technology. The innovative air purification process is inspired by nature and works with maximum efficiency. It is environmentally friendly and at the same time cost-saving. The timelessly beautiful housing is highly functional and robust at the same time.

Three in one

+ Air purification
​+ Air sterilization ​
+ Odor elimination

Wairify One in verschiedenen Farben von oben

champion of all classes

The filterless Wairify technology is a quantum leap in air purification. This is shown by a comparison with
performance characteristics of conventional air filter and air purification technologies on the market.

Vergleich Wairify mit Ionisieren, HEPA und UVC Filtern

Sustainable production & concept

Alte Fischerausrüstung in der Farbe Ocean

100% ECO
Made in Germany

The Wairify One scores when it comes to sustainability. The patented technology eliminates the need for filter changes and reduces waste. The housing of the Wairify One consists of an extremely robust particle foam (EPP = Expanded Polypropylene), and is therefore 96% air. This makes the device pleasantly light.

Even during production in Germany, attention is paid to CO2 neutrality and short transport routes. The design variant Ocean consists of 15% marine plastic, recycled from old fishing nets and ropes. So Wairify helps to clean not only the air but also the oceans.

Hand gießt Pflanze mit Wasser

Carefree disposal

Patented Wairify technology eliminates the need for expensive and tedious filter changes that increase the risk of infection. Instead, all substances rendered harmless are bound in water!

The water can be easily changed and safely poured down the sink. You can even use it as a natural plant fertilizer. In the great outdoors, this happens in a very similar way: the rain washes
the particles from the air, which are then fed to the plant via the roots as food.

Powerful down to the nano range

Viruses become harmless

A virus separation of 99.9993% could already be demonstrated in the laboratory with the first prototype. The viruses were rendered permanently harmless.
Virus separation detected

Filter change costs

0 euros
100% of the energy is used for the cleaning performance. No filter = no filter resistance = less power consumption than HEPA filters = no follow-up costs for filter changes. Wairify consistently delivers the same cleaning performance and amount of clear air.
No additional costs

The filterless technology

no trash
Zero hazardous waste. The harmless residues of impurities removed from the indoor air are collected in the water. Thus, the used water even becomes an excellent fertilizer for watering plants.
Efficient & Sustainable

Disease prevention and risk reduction

The water with the harmless residues of impurities is an important medium. A lab can determine exactly what the level of contamination was before Wairify was deployed.
Harmless residues can be detected in the water

The sensor technology registers

Wairify features the latest sensor technology. Among other things, Wairify records CO2, humidity, oxygen content and temperature. The air parameters are visible via simple color icons in a status display and the Wairify APP.
Humidity, temperature, particle concentration and pollutants

Clinically tested

The Wairify technology has its origins in the separation of oil gases in internal combustion engines. There it is exposed to extreme environmental conditions and has to remove large quantities of particles from the engine air quickly and without leaving any residue.

The pandemic spurred the innovative spirit of our engineers to further develop the technology not only for air purification but also for virus inactivation. Together with the Fraunhofer IPM, the corresponding technology was successfully tested and certified in a rigid test track to eliminate fine dust. Biotech laboratories and the University of Cologne have clinically tested the effect of Wairify on viruses and confirmed the highest deactivation rate available on the market.

Wairify is subjected to even more demanding mutation detection with real corona viruses in a new test facility of the Fraunhofer IPM, which is unique in Europe. Wairify not only disables viruses and germs. The technology is also interesting for allergy sufferers: it eliminates house dust, mites, animal hair, pollen from grass, bushes and grain, smoke and unpleasant smells.

Wairify is also particularly valuable for those looking to deploy a disease and risk prevention device. Deactivated residues are collected in the water tank and can be analyzed in the laboratory. In addition to viruses, concentrations of mold spores, fungal spores and volatile chemicals such as fragrances, solvents or exhaust gases can also be detected in this way.

Icon Virus DNA

DNA & RNA virus

Icon Bakterie


Icon grober Staub

Fine & coarse dust

Icon Blütenpollen
Icon Pilzspore

fungal spores

Icon Schimmelspore


Icon Haustierpfote

pet odors

Icon Hausstaubmilbe

house dust allergens

Icon Gerüche


Icon Zigarette mit Tabakrauch

tobacco smell

Icon Staphylokokkus


Icon Ozon


The patented Wairify technology

Grafik Motorrad

From the engine compartment to the living space

Since 2011, the Hessian
Woco Group has developed and perfected a new plasma-based technology for particle separation. The evolution of this technology from automotive to air purification applications has led to the filterless Wairify technology. When the air turned out to be one of the transmission paths in the course of the Covid pandemic, this was the impetus for the Woco development engineers to have the Wairify technology for use in breathing air purification tested by an independent party.

Grafik zur Erklärung der Plasmatechnologie

Plasma technology inspired by nature

(1) The air flow to be cleaned passes through an ideally designed plasma field (energy field) whereby the particles contained are charged.

(2) Any organisms and viruses present in the incoming air are destroyed or deactivated and rendered harmless in the plasma field.

(3) These are absorbed and transported away in a film of water on a counter-electrode

(4) The cleaned air can flow out of the device with almost no loss.

Plug & Air

Easy set up

The device is put into operation at the touch of a button. With a selection button, the Wairify app can connect the device to the digital services. The connection is made via W-LAN and is configured automatically.


The interaction of W-LAN, Bluetooth and sensors continuously measures the exact status of particles (PM2.5), emissions (tVOC), temperature (°C) and humidity (%RH). As a result, the power consumption of Wairify is demand-oriented. The LED traffic light shows the status of the air quality at a glance.

IOT - Mesh grid

Wairify works in a mesh network. The device can also communicate with other smart home devices in the basement or in hard-to-reach places via an intelligent circuit board. Special frequencies reach the next hot spot even through thick walls.

Wairify One

Wairify One Ocean seitlich

Delivery autumn 2022

The Wairify One is the first product to use patented Wairify technology. Learn more about the product specifications and be among the first to use Wairify.

Wairify Home

Wairify Home seitlich

Available from 2023

Find out more about the development status of our Wairify Home and the many functions with which we raise the entire room air management to a new level.