When can you buy the Wairify.
Delivery of the consumer version is planned for early 2023. Due to the strong demand, we are working on bringing the version specially designed for schools and public spaces onto the market as early as 2021. More information can be found here:

Business Solutions

How big is the Wairify:
550mm high
350mm diameter
What system is the app running on?
The app is designed for iOS and Android
What does the air purifier weigh / Is it easy to transport?
Wairify weighs 8-11 KG with an empty water tank, making it very easy to carry from room to room.

Does the device have a filter / HEPA filter?
No, Wairify does not require any interchangeable filters.

How often do you have to change the water?
It is recommended to change the water at least once a week.

Is the Wairify childproof?
Yes, the housing is shielded and secured in such a way that it cannot be accessed from the outside.

How loud / quiet is the Wairify?
Wairify is very quiet because the air does not have to be pressed through a filter membrane. At full power, the noise level is below 40 dB.

Is ozone released or UV radiation used?
No, the Wairify does not require any additional UV radiation, as all viruses are rendered harmless in the separating unit.
No ozone is released either. On the contrary, free ozone is converted into oxygen in the Wairify.

For which room sizes is the Wairify suitable?
Wairify cleans a room of approx. 100 square meters with an average ceiling height of 2.50 m per hour.
Do I need one device per room or is one enough for the whole apartment? Wairify is mobile and can be carried from room to room. However, if you want to clean several rooms at once, it is advisable to use additional equipment. These can also be connected to each other via the Wairify app.

Where should I place the Wairify?
The special shape of the air inlets and outlets optimally distributes the air in the room. However, it is advisable not to place the device behind an object and therefore rather freely in the room.

Are there test results for Wairify?
When developing Wairify, we work together with various institutions from different areas. For example with the Fraunhofer IPM and the Cologne University Hospital. We report regularly on the results of this collaboration and publish them on our social media channels and in our newsletter.

What is the power consumption?
Wairify is an extremely efficient air purifier. Since Wairify does not use filters and the air circulation does not take place via large resistances, the consumption is less than 80 Watt.

What are the costs of the Wairify?
Wairify does not need a replaceable filter and is therefore very easy to care for and also saves money in the long term. The only consumables are electricity to run and up to 8 liters of water per week at maximum occupancy.

How long is the warranty?
Wairify is based on (§§ 437, 438 BGB) and offers its buyers a two-year warranty after purchase.

How can I reach the service?
You can get quick help via: support@wairify.io
How does plasma technology work?
Wairify works with a low-energy plasma separator. Viruses and other particles are electrically negatively charged, attracted and agglomerated by the grounded counter electrode. That means they accumulate. The particles are bound in tap water and transported to a collection container. The plasma field destroys the cell structure of the viruses and destroys them 100%. After the separation process, the water is verifiably virus-free. 

How can I control the Wairify?
Wairify is simply plugged in and put into operation using the switch on the top of the device: " Plug & Air". An LED display uses a colored light signal to show the degree of cleaning in the room. The cleaning levels can then be easily set with the multifunction switch on the top and regulate precisely. The app also offers intuitive control and additional functions and services.

Why do I need a Wairify?
The air quality in our immediate surroundings has an immense impact on our well-being. It's not just about protection against infections, allergens and environmental pollution, odors are also neutralized and annoying house dust reduced.
Why is plasma technology better than any conventional HEPA filter?
Replaceable filters mean high follow-up costs, as they have to be changed about every 6 months. In addition, viruses are not rendered harmless and collect in the filter membrane. In addition, spin-on filters generate a lot of waste.

How will/can the water be disposed of?
The water can be used to water the flowers or simply thrown away. All residues of viruses and germs contained therein are completely harmless.
Does Wairify have an automatic mode?
Yes. Desired cleaning times and air parameters can be set with the Wairify app so that the device switches on and off automatically.

Does Wairify show cleaning progress?
Yes. Wairify displays the air quality and degree of purification via the LED unit with color codes. In addition, all of this can be viewed via the app.
How fast can Wairify clean (my room)?
Wairify cleans up to 250 m3/h per hour, which corresponds to a room of 100 square meters with an average ceiling height of 2.50 m.
Can Wairify shed SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)?
Yes. 99.9993% of viruses are eliminated. Unlike conventional air purifiers, these viruses are not only separated, but also rendered harmless.
How safe is Wairify plasma technology?
Very safe. Wairify is designed and manufactured in Germany. All components are tested and certified.

How often does the “filter”/the water need to be changed?
A filter does not have to be changed at all. It is recommended to change the water at least once a week. It can be used to water the flowers without any harm.

What is the function of the sensors?
The sensor technology provides Wairify users with precise information about air quality and potential hazards. In this way, not only pollutants can be removed from the air, but also the formation of mold in the building and the development of smoke can be detected at an early stage.

What is Wairify's motivation?
A holistic quality of life is important to us, and the indoor air that surrounds us has a major impact on this. This is what our claim stands for:
Value for Life.


Wairify One

Delivery autumn 2024

The Wairify One is the first product to use patented Wairify technology. Learn more about the product specifications and be among the first to use Wairify.