Wairify Germany

Medium-sized companies x start-ups

Wairify was founded by the WocoGroup.
Woco is a globally active group of companies
from the automotive industry with headquarters in
Bad Soden-Salmünster in the Main-Kinzig district in Hesse.

Wairify combines the long-standing technical expertise
and the quality standards of a classic hidden champion
with the agility and disruptiveness of a start-up.

Innovation from the automotive industry

The "Wairify technology" was originally developed for the automotive industry. There, it is exposed to extreme environmental conditions and has to remove large quantities of particles from the engine air quickly and without leaving any residue.

The pandemic spurred the innovative spirit of our engineers to further develop the technology not only for air purification but also for virus inactivation. Wairify was founded to advance the technology and services and to optimize them with partners from research, production and consumer groups.

Wairify One

Wairify One Ocean seitlich

Delivery autumn 2022

The Wairify One is the first product to use patented Wairify technology. Learn more about the product specifications and be among the first to use Wairify.

Wairify Home

Wairify Home seitlich

Available from 2023

Find out more about the development status of our Wairify Home and the many functions with which we raise the entire room air management to a new level.